Bazooka And Monster Halloween


Bazooka And Monster Halloween

In this Halloween themed game you are an apprentice wizard that have to save the world from an invasion of monsters, ghosts and spooky clowns. Shoot them with your magical bazooka, showing all your skills of sniper. To reach some of the monsters you need a perfect timing and to study the best trajectory, even making your bullets bounce on walls. The destiny of the humanity (or at least of the Halloween Party) is in your hands...


You have to clear each level of all the monsters, shooting them with your bazooka. If a bullet will strike a wall, it will start to bounce until that it will go out of the screen or strike a monster or a platform. The less bullets you will use in each level, the more stars you will earn. Desktop controls: Click and drag with your mouse to aim and release to shoot. Mobile / Tablet: Touch and drag with your finger to aim and release to shoot.

Bazooka And Monster Halloween

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