Apple Shooter Remastered


Apple Shooter Remastered

Monument Valley, Arizona, Old Wild West. Your farm is in danger. A prolonged drought has compromised crops and the bank is about to get all your properties. Your only chance to save the farm is to win the yearly national archery championship and get the prize. To do this you ask help to your Navajo friend and start a long training. In order to win the first prize your friend must shot an apple put on your head, like William Tell had to do with his son.


Shot the apple put on the head of your friend. Aim the arrow with the help of the dotted line. Beware to do not shot your friend or he will die and the game will be over. Every round the distance will increase and the game will became harder... Desktop: Click and drag with your mouse to set the direction and strength of your shot. Mobile / Tablet: Touch the screen and drag your finger to set the direction and strength of your shot.

Apple Shooter Remastered

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